Mexico Nueva Linda DECAF المكسيك نوفا لندا

Mexico Nueva Linda DECAF المكسيك نوفا لندا

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Net Weight 250g  الوزن ٢٥٠ جرام
Decaf - قهوة منزوعة الكافيين


Praline. Vanilla. Peanut. Raisins.

Good for French Press - Chemex - V60 - Kalita


Farm: Finca Nueva Linda

Varietal: Mundo Novo, Catuaí, Caturra & Catimor

Processing: Fully washed & dried on patios or mechanical drier

Altitude: 1,250 to 1,550 metres above sea level

Owner: Juan José Moguel Orantes

Town / City: La Concordia

Region: Chiapas

Country: Mexico

الإحاءات: مكسرات بالسكر. ڤانيلا. لوز. زبيب.

مناسبة لV60 - الكيميكس - فرنش بريس - كاليتا

المزرعة: فينكا نوفا لندا

السلالة: موندو نوفو, كاتورا, كاتيمور, كاتوأي

المعالجة: معالجة كاملة بالماء و جففت تحت أشعة الشمس

الارتفاع: ١,٢٥٠ - ١,٥٥٠ متر فوق سطح البحر

المزارع: وان خوزي موجيل اورانتس

المدينة: لا كونكورديا

المنطقة:  تشياباس

البلد: المكسيك


Background Details

Maintaining soil fertility is a huge part of agricultural work. Soil analysis is conducted throughout all the farm’s coffee plots, and Juan José has begun working with technicians from Guatemala’s Anacafe, who recommend and advise which fertilisers and how much is needed based on the data.

In addition to regular pruning and maintenance, renovation composes a great deal of the farm’s efforts. Average tree age is currently around 24 years old, with some as old as 35 years. Juan José plans to renovate 7 hectares of coffee a year, taking out the old and unproductive plants and replacing them with new varieties which have shown better performance (for instance, Pacas, Geisha, Venecia, Anacafe 14, Marsellesa and Hybrids H18/H19). The farm will also continue to keep going with "selective" pruning, which has also given good results. Above all, they are keeping cup quality at the forefront of their priorities, and all the farm’s new varieties have been carefully chosen with this in mind.

All coffee on the farm is selectively hand harvested and delivered to the farm’s own mill, which is located in the centre of the farm. The coffee is hand sorted to remove any underripe or damaged cherries and is then introduced to the farms Penagos pulping machines to be washed, floated and pulped. After being delivered to the farm’s concrete fermentation tanks, the coffee is fermented for 14 to18 hours depending on weather. After fermenting, it is washed with clean spring water hailing from the farm itself.

After being fully washed, the coffee is delivered to the farm’s extensive concrete patios where it is regularly turned and slowly dried under the sun. As mentioned before, the farm also has a new “greenhouse"-style solar driers. A small percentage of the farm’s production is dried in Guardiolas, if the weather does not permit drying outside.

The farm also does honey processing, and in all cases lots are separated by processing and quality. It is likely that they will also start experimenting with single varietal lots in the future.