About Us

MERAKI ARTISAN is a specialty coffee micro roaster, a craft chocolate maker, and an in-house bakery. Founded in late 2015, and based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We believe that it is essential to be meticulous in order to offer the best product in the market, and that is why our mantra is to be "Meticulous"​, in every step of the way.

Meraki stands for and strongly believes in farmers’ rights, and in sustainable and renewable methods. This is our most important criteria when we do our due diligence before selecting our trade partners, dealers and suppliers.

Our employees are proponents of a strong and inspiring culture. A one that always supports personal passions, encourages exploration, stands for the art of a craftsman, and one that challenges the status quo. 

We are determined to offer unique experiences to our customers and partners, through encouraging exploration, world travel, exposure to different cultures, and promoting self-development and a balanced lifestyle through our value network. We are constantly innovating not just on products, but also on how our business is run. We are on a path to disrupt the typical corporate business structure and the out-dated 9-5 work life.

The passion, the hunger for knowledge, and insight seeking, fueled by their curiosity and aspiration for exploration and world travel, is the essence that drives Meraki.