Who is MERAKI Artisan?

We are a specialty coffee micro roaster, Artisan bakery, and a chocolate bean-to-bar maker, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We import our own green coffee seeds, and our raw cocoa beans, which we then roast in our shop before serving them to you.


When is the coffee roasted?

We mainly roast to order. In that way, we guarantee that you will only receive fresh roasted coffee that suits your brewing method. We also offer a selection of our stock coffee, for those who want to play it safe, or are in a hurry to receive their order.


What is "bean-to-bar" chocolate?

We are chocolate makers, which means, we import raw cocoa beans, and only the highest quality from different origins, and then we roast the cocoa beans to perfection, and after a simple process, we grind and mix the cocoa nibs to turn it into delicious, premium chocolate bars. This is chocolate like you never tasted before! Available on our website and at our store.


Why do MERAKI's products cost this much?

The first reason is because we care about sustainability and farmers pay rights. The second reason is because relatively speaking, when an individual alone makes a craft item, it takes a seemingly lifetime of effort and time into creating it with perfection in mind. We assure our customers that the value exceeds the price tag. Finally, for our bakery and chocolate, it's about supply and demand.


What is your satisfaction guarantee policy?

We are confident that our customers will love our coffee. Therefore, we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, and you can keep the coffee. No worries.


Do you own a coffee shop?

We do. Abdulmaqsud Khojah street - City Yard, Jeddah. We currently operate from Monday to Saturday from 8:30AM-6PM.


Why did you open a cafe or a public coffee shop like everyone else?

We spent the last few years researching, learning, and listening to our customers. We now know the ins-and-outs, the how, the why and the whats of a great coffee shop experience, roasting, making exceptional coffee, chocolate and food!


Why do you only sell whole beans coffee?

It’s important to us to keep your coffee as fresh as possible, as long as possible. We use special coffee bags to minimize coffee oxidation and only allow the coffee to degas. By grinding the coffee, we basically are accelerating the oxidation process, which leads to loss of aroma and flavors quickly. So, whole beans is the way to go!


Do you supply beans to offices, restaurants and coffee shops?

Yes. We have a dedicated roaster for large orders. We would love to work with you and have your employees or customers enjoy the finest coffee in town. For more information please send an email to business@merakicoffee.sa