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MERAKI Artisan Coffee

Yemen Hawar اليمن حوار

Yemen Hawar اليمن حوار

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Net Weight 250g  الوزن ٢٥٠ جرام

Dried Dates | Prune Red Fruits | Red Grapes


Farm: Hawar Farms

Varietal: Typica

Processing: Natural 

Altitude: 1,600 to 1,950 meters above sea level

Owner: Mocha Mill & selected local farmers

Town / City: Hawar, Al-Qafr District

Region: Ibb 

Country: Yemen


الإيحاءات: تمر جاف | فاكهة القراصية الحمراء | عنب احمر


المزرعة: موكا ميل و مزارعين محليين

 السلالة: تيبيكا

المعالجة: المعالجة الطبيعية 

الارتفاع: ١،٦٠٠ الى ١،٩٥٠ متر فوق سطح البحر

المزارع:موكا ميل و مزارعين محليين

المدينة: حوار، مدينة القفر 

المنطقة: اب

البلد: اليمن 


Story Behind The Coffee

Hawari village is located in Al-Qafr district. The Hawar area is characterised by a rather humid, rainy climate and an altitude between 1600 and 1950 meters above sea level. Around 1000 farmers cultivate coffee in this region in the traditional way. The varieties of coffee grown in Hawari are known as Al-Adini and Al-Jaadi.

Here, the exporter Mocha Mill works together with selected local farmers. 

Mocha Mill is one of the first exporters of speciality coffee in Yemen. An important part of its strategy is the empowerment of farmers, especially women, who make up about 75% of the farmers in Yemen. Mocha Mill supports the farmers in improving their cultivation and processing techniques in order to significantly improve the quality of the coffee. In this way, the living conditions of all Yemenis involved in coffee should be improved in the long term.

Meraki Artisan's objective is to always select premium beans to indulge our community with. We are always looking to partner with local businesses who provide an exceptional level of standard. With that in mind, Meraki has been in business with KAL coffee who are leading in the coffee business. KAL are professionals in selecting and grading high quality crops from different parts of the world. KAL shares Meraki's vision in selecting and supplying the market with a variety of premium coffee. This time, they supplied us with the Hawari beans from Yemen. With the expertise of KAL and Meraki combined, we hope and sure to deliver a refreshing experience. 



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