Meet The Team

To some of us, the journey with coffee first started in our homes. And to others, it started with MERAKI's early days. But after a couple of years, we realized that it is more than just about coffee.
We see a coffee shop differently, it is a place for bringing people together, sharing stories, unique experiences, and philosophies. We have different passions and professions. To us, MERAKI is here to push us to the best we can do and to support us in our journeys and goals. We are here to share MERAKI with you.
Mohamed Shata
Founder. Barista. Coffee Roaster. Cocoa Roaster. Chocolate Maker. Strategist.
Background in Electric Engineering and a masters in business administration. Passionate about möbius loops, and quantum physics. Health and nutrition enthusiast.
Rannam Shata
Coffee Roaster & Head of Equipment Physician
Car enthusiast. "Squat_deadlift_Icecream_repeat" is his Instagram tag line. 

Sarra Medher 
Assistant Executive Chef, Chocolate Maker & Coffee Addict
Harry Poter fan.
On the way to becoming a master chef.

Mohammad Aljojo 
Champion Barista, Chocolate Maker
Into Art and traveling.
A student first and a trainer second. 

Nada Basaad 
Operations Manager. Barista. Quality Control 
Smooth as butter.


Alyaa Qassam 
Barista in the making, Business Admin,
Her limit is the sky.



Asmaa AlAmoudi 
Commis Chef, X-Medd Barista.
On her way to becoming an executive chef


Rosanne Basaad 
Training to be more than just a Barista
Visual artist


Abdulaziz Albutti 
Customer relations, Chocolate Maker, B2B Ambassador 
Lots of positive energy and hunger for knowledge


Abdullah Aljohani 
Wholesale and B2B manager. Coffee roaster. Barista
Workaholic, never misses his workout schedule


Mohamed Samaha 
Newbie. Barista. 
Lots of smiles and positive energy. Amazing artist.
Loves his matcha


Joodi Ali
Queen of the bar. Barista. Smile that lights the sky. horse riding enthusiast


Abdulrahman Harbi
Newbie. Lives for the world of coffee. A sponge for coffee info


Maan Alazraqi
Newbie. Loves serving people


Ismail Alkhomayis


Newbie. Tiny but powerful


Abdulrahmani Babsain
Newbie. Loves his chemistry. A future barista soon 


Newbie. Chef.




Mohanad Obaid
X-Medd Coffee. Long experience of being a social barista.