Ethiopia Hambela Baku

Ethiopia Hambela Baku

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Net Weight 250g  الوزن ٢٥٠ جرام

Apricot | Peach | Sweet | Rose Tea


Farm: Buriso Amaje Farms

Varietal: Heirloom 

Processing: Natural 

Altitude: 1,830 to 1,890 meters above sea level

Owner: Buriso Amaje

Town / City: Dambi, Notro, Segara Sidama

Region: Daye Bensa

Country: Ethiopia


الإيحاءات: مشمش | خوخ | حلاوة | شاي الورد

المزرعة: مزارع بوريسو أماجي

 السلالة: هيرلوم

المعالجة: المعالجة المجففة

الارتفاع: ١،٨٣٠ الى ١،٨٩٠ متر فوق سطح البحر

المزارع: بوريسو آماجي

المدينة: دامبي، نوترو، سيجارا سيداما

المنطقة: داي بينسا 

البلد: إثيوبيا 


Story Behind The Coffee

METAD has a rich history that began after world war ll when the Ethiopian Empreror awarded Muluemebet Emiru, the first African female pilot and family matriarch, with land in the harrar and Sidamo regions that has become the Hambela Coffee Estate. METAD strives to strengthen the local community with employment opportunities (Such as workforce that is seventy percent women).

Educational opportunities (Including sponsorship for a the-art elementary School with more than three hundred students and healthcare for employees) and medical support (featuring a partnership with Grounds for Health to implement cervical cancer screening for women in the community).

METAD provides technical assistance and shares modern farming equipment with other local farmers. METAD also has the first and only private, State-of-art, SCAA certified quality control lab in Africa, used to train both domestic and international coffee professionals.

Meraki Artisan's objective is to always select premium beans to indulge our community in. We are always looking to partner with local businesses who provide that level of standard. With that in mind, Meraki has been in business with KAL coffee who are leading in the coffee business. They are professionals in selecting and grading high quality crops from different parts of the world. KAL shares Meraki's vision in selecting and supplying the market with a variety of premium coffee. This time, they supplied us with the Ethiopian Hambela . With the expertise of KAL and Meraki combined, we hope and sure to deliver a refreshing experience.