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MERAKI Artisan Coffee

B2B - Ecuador Finca Indera Geisha

B2B - Ecuador Finca Indera Geisha

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Net Weight 1kg  الوزن الصافي ١ كيلوجرام


Apricot | Plum | Jasmine | Strawberry


Farm: Finca Indera

Varietal: Geisha

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 1,550 meters above sea level

Owner: Manuel Alberto Romero Sanchez

Town / City: Chaguarpamba

Region: Loja

Country: Ecuador


الإيحاءات:  مشمش | خوخ | ياسمين | فراولة

المزرعة: فينكا انديرا

 السلالة: جيشا


الارتفاع: ١،٥٥٠ متر فوق سطح البحر

المزارع: مانويل البرتو روميرو ساتشز

المدينة: سانتا روزا، بيلين

المنطقة:  لوخا

البلد: اكوادور 


Story Behind The Coffee

This award-winning and monumental lot is from the Chaguarpamba canton of the Loja province located within the southern reaches of Ecuador. In native Quichua language, this area means“Valley of theJaguars.”Situated At 1,550 meters above sea level isFinca Indera, the winner of 15th place at Ecuador’s first Cup of Excellence competition in 2021.Initiated in2016, Finca Indera is a family industry run and managed byManuel Alberto Romero Sánchez.Both him and his wife were raised in coffee-producing households and sought to maintain the passion and dedication to the crop they love.In 2008, the land that became Finca Indera, was obtained and utilized as pasture land for cattle; over time, Manuel began transitioning the land to a diversified systems intertwined with banana, coffee, and timber.Head the sole goal to produce only specialty coffee hence why he planted Geisha, Villalobos, Caturra and Catuai with attention to detail whilst cultivating, harvesting, and processing.During Harvest, the cherries are carefully handpicked once they reach the perfect ripeness. The cherries then undergo anaerobic fermentation until the ideal pH is reached.From here, the coffee is dried under shade until it reaches10.5% humidity.As Manuel and his wife have slowly returned the pastureland to a more diverse agricultural system–more flora and fauna have returned to the area.The Nature-friendly practices not only provide habitats for local species, but also naturally produce high quality coffee.This Lot is a true gem and is Mercanta’s first purchase of an Ecuador lot. We are happy to continue supporting these producers to create a future for coffee production in Ecuador.

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