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MERAKI Artisan Coffee

B2B Brazil Sao Silvestre Microlot برازيل ساو سلفستر محصول محدود

B2B Brazil Sao Silvestre Microlot برازيل ساو سلفستر محصول محدود

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Net Weight 1kg  الوزن الصافي ١ كيلوجرام


Toffee. Vanilla. Cranberry.

Farm: Sao Silvestre

Varietal: Red Catuai

Processing: Natural - (24 Hour Aerobic Fermentation)

Altitude: 1,200 metres above sea level

Owner: Ismael & Eduardo Andrade

Town / City: Serra do Salitre

Region: High Cerrado

Country: Brazil

الإيحاءات: توفي. فانيلا. كرانبيري.

المزرعة: ساو سلفستر

السلالة: كاتوا أحمر

المعالجة: معالجة طبيعية

الارتفاع: أعلى من ١٢٠٠ متر فوق سطح البحر

المزارع: اسماعيل و ادوردو اندرادي

المدينة: سيررا دو سالتري

المنطقة: سيررادو

البلد: البرازيل

The Story Behind This Coffee


Fazenda São Silvestre has been farmed by the Andrade Brothers since 1991. It is located to the north of Minas Gerais, in an area known as the Cerrado Mineiro, on the border with Bahia state. This special lot has been produced using a natural anaerobic fermentation process.

The Andrade Family is one of the oldest coffee-producing families in the Cerrado Mineiro region; part of the highly regarded coffee producing state of Minas Gerais. Fazenda Capim Branco in Paranaiba (Cerrado Mineiro) was the Andrade family’s first farm; dating back to 1901. Since the 1970s, the family has been very active in establishing new farms to expand their cultivation area. Today, Andrade Bros Estate Coffees is managed by brothers Ismael and Eduardo Andrade. Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, Ismael and Eduardo’s mission is to produce the very highest quality coffee with passion and respect for its people and the environment.

In the early '90s, the Andrade family decided to expand production, volume and improve quality altogether, acquiring the São Silvestre Farm in Serra do Salitre, also part of Cerrado Mineiro. The farm is situated at an altitude ranging between 1100 - 1220 meters above sea level, with perfectly balanced wet and dry seasons. These perfect conditions, combined with meticulous crop management, forward-thinking crop planning and post-harvest selection, mean the final result from Andrade family farms are award-winning coffees; known both nationally and internationally as some of the best coffee the country has to offer.

The farm’s volcanic soils provide ideal conditions for growing the farm’s main varieties - Yellow Icatu, Yellow Catuai and Red Catuaí. For this particular micro-lot, the coffee is 100% Yellow Catuai. Coffee is selectively harvested using a mechanical harvester, before passing through an electronic selector to separate any under or overripe cherries. Next, ripe cherries are added to tile coated masonry tanks and left for 24 hours to ferment. Rigorous controls are applied to the tank, making sure it is kept at a steady temperature; below 25 °C. Next, coffee is moved to the raised beds to dry. Parchment is laid out in a thin layer and turned every 30mins for 10 days. Once dried, the micro-lot is bagged and rested for a further 20 days; ready for export.


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